Fever played our Charity Gala for 300+ people and I think every single person in the place was on the dance floor!! Since the event, we have heard nothing but "that band was amazing!... the band was incredible!... we loved the band!... even the husbands were dancing, and they NEVER dance..." From the moment we first engaged with Fever, they were professional, accommodating and a pleasure to work with. They asked all the right questions, made sure they understood the venue, the event, and the demographic of our audience -- and they tailored the music accordingly. The song selection was absolutely perfect for the crowd, such that the dance floor filled quickly and never emptied -- right up until the last song. We loved the play list, the variety of instruments (horns!), the vocal variety and exceptional talent, the high energy, the accompanying light show... the whole package. Could not have been a better night or a more successful event for us. We can't wait to have them back next year!!

    Marile Bordin
    Charity Gala in Hartford, CT
    Sep 16, 2016


    Let me start by saying that Rickie is the most amazing human being, and Fever Band is the most amazing band and you should definitely hire them!! I apologize that this review is a little longer but I think that the story must be told: Approximately 40 days before our wedding the band we had hired backed out because the lead singer got into an arts residency program. And, although I am in full support of honing your craft, having the band back out so close to our wedding date sent me straight into a panic. After researching for hours I found Fever Band using a search on GigSalad and sent them an email. This was at approximately 10pm (pacific time) so 1am (eastern standard time) on a Tuesday evening. On the brink of tears that I would end up putting my iPod on shuffle for our wedding I closed my computer. 10 minutes later my phone buzzed with the following text "Lindsey? This is Rickie from Fever. Just got your inquiry. We do have the date open! So I'll be in touch tomorrow to get more info :)" From that moment forward Rickie was nothing short of amazing. She and her bandmates were able to put together an amazing show and truly made our wedding what it was. I believe in that everything happens for a reason and having our original band back out 40 days before our wedding was truly a blessing in disguise. If you want your wedding/event/birthday/whatever to be amazing don't waste another moment...hire Fever Band NOW—I promise you will not regret it!!

    Lindsey Sedlack
    Oct 1, 2016


    I booked Fever for our wedding without ever seeing them live, and the inherent risk was absolutely more than worth it. Rickie is incredibly organized and makes planning as easy as possible with a recommendation at any step but also a remarkable flexibility and willingness to adapt to your unique situation. Most importantly they brought the house down on the big night, reading the crowd's energy and playing perfectly to keep people on the dance floor and having fun. We had a young crowd for the most part (1/2 25-35) and Fever was more than up to the task. I cannot overstate how happy we are that we found Fever and booked this great band for our wedding. Don't think twice - book Fever and you will not be disappointed.

    Luke Fehsenfeld
    Sep 17, 2016


    We were thrilled to have Fever perform at our wedding. They sounded great and kept the dance floor packed through the end of the night with their boundless energy. Several of guests marveled at how great they were and asked us how we found them. As many of our guests were friends from our college marching band days (we played a lot of covers of pop music and attended a lot of dance parties back in those days), this should be considered an especially high compliment :) Fever was great to work with and took our suggestions into account when planning their set list. We ran a bit behind schedule on our wedding day, but they took it all in stride.

    Rosa Li
    Oct 8, 2016


    Fever was the perfect band for our wedding. Rickie was easy to work with - so sweet and organized. They are extremely talented and play a variety of music (and continued to learn the latest hits right up until our wedding day). We really wanted a mix of band and DJ during the reception and Fever was able to do both! Thank you Fever!!

    Rebecca H.
    Aug 20, 2016


    To start simply, Fever is amazing. Choosing a band for your wedding is a crucial (maybe the most crucial) key to having a good time and Fever is such a clear best choice.

    My Wife and I spent hours and hours listening to bands online and went to numerous live shows to try and find a great band for our wedding. When we found Fever's website we were blown away. This was only compounded when we saw them perform live. The second best band was not even in the same ballpark and this included searching all of the Boston options!

    Fever showed up the day of our wedding and set everything up perfectly. It was completely stress free. In addition, they made a few recommendations for managing the flow of the wedding and these made things go so much more smoothly.

    We picked three songs for the band to learn including our first dance, the mother son dance and father daughter dance. The end product of these choices was breathtaking. Fever stays true to the original song while still adding a touch of their own personal style.

    Now for the meat of the review, their performance for the rest of our wedding. Best summed up in 1 word: perfect. Our dance floor was literally packed from the first song to the last note. People were dancing for 4 hours straight while the band played. They took 2 short breaks and their musical talent is so great you couldn't tell what was actually being performed originally and what was Fever. Well, that isn't entirely true, the Fever songs tended to rock a little harder and get people dancing more.

    The feedback we have gotten since our wedding has been similarly positive in regards to Fever. The most common response being "oh my god, they were AMAZING!"

    The simple bottom line is if you want to have a fun, energetic band at your wedding that your guests will talk about for months, Fever is so clearly your best option that you'd be crazy to look elsewhere. If you choose another band you will most certainly be making a mistake.

    If you want an amazing band, pick FEVER!

    Brandon Prioreschi
    Aug 6, 2016

  • DeAngelo Banchi Wedding - Hotel Northampton

    My husband and I were just married at Hotel Northampton on October 11th. We were very lucky and had a gorgeous, fall day surrounded by our closest friends and family. Fever Band played as a jazz trio for cocktail hour and it was simply perfect. It really added a special touch to the whole evening. Their 6 piece band played at our reception and it was truly amazing. My favorite instrument is the sax and the band was nice enough to learn a few, unconventional songs for us! They were so much fun and kept the room dancing all night! We've been getting messages from friends and family all week saying how great they were. Rickie and the band really made our night and I would absolutely recommend them for any event! I wish we could do it all over again!

    Megan D.
    Wedding Reception in Northampton, MA
    Oct 11, 2015


    Fever played at our wedding 9-19-15 at Fruitlands in Harvard, MA. We have received so many compliments on the band and music choices! They were upbeat and fun, everyone was dancing all night. Rickie was very easy to communicate with from the time we inquired about them playing at our wedding until the day they played.

    If you want an amazing band, pick FEVER!

    Monique M.
    Wedding Reception in Harvard, MA
    Sep 19, 2015

  • AMAZING!!!

    We hired Fever for our wedding in Vermont without ever seeing them live, and we were absolutely blown away by them at our wedding! The jazz trio during cocktail hour was amazing and the band did an incredible job during our reception. The dance party never stopped, every guest was dancing and every song was a hit! Rickie did a wonderful job as MC and the other band members were great - they interacted with the crowd and kept the party going all night. Their range is incredible and their cover of our wedding song was magical. We cannot say enough about them! We have Fever to thank for our guests commenting that our wedding was "the best wedding ever"!

    Brianne D.
    Wedding Reception in Warren, VT
    Jul 18, 2015


    Fever went above and beyond at our May 2015 wedding! For starters, the group is incredibly talented - they performed different styles from 90s alt rock to top 40 to Frank Sinatra, and performed them all flawlessly and with tremendous energy. Rickie worked with us to put together a set list that we and all our guests loved, and she was happy to MC the evening exactly as we wanted while still offering helpful suggestions. We were especially impressed with their renditions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and REM's Nightswimming (which they learned at our request). On top of that, the band set up dynamic lights that set the mood, and even wore our wedding colors! They helped make our wedding special and fun, while still allowing people to enjoy the evening doing things other than dancing. We couldn't be happier with them!

    Robin R.
    Wedding Reception in Westport, MA
    May 24, 2015


    We cannot say enough good things about the band, Fever. The band’s sound is incredible! We can’t think of one song that was not executed perfectly at our daughter’s wedding reception. The band plays a terrific mix of genres and a variety of artists.

    In addition to a great sound, the band handled all the logistical details of the event to include: introductions of the wedding party, DJ coverage on breaks, special effects lighting, coordination with the photographer, etc... The band’s professionalism throughout the event was exemplary. Working with the band leader, Rickie Louise Miller, was a pleasure, as she was quick with email responses to inquiries, had a great worksheet to streamline the song decision making process and kept the whole wedding party on schedule throughout the evening. The night would not have run smoothly without Rickie’s attention to detail.

    It is without hesitation that we recommend Fever for your wedding reception. You and your guests will not be disappointed!

    Maggie M.
    Wedding Reception in Manchester, NH
    May 16, 2015


    To keep it short and sweet, working with Rickie in the weeks and months leading up to my daughter's wedding was a pleasant experience with clear, open and quick communication. Every aspect of the music provided, beginning with the ceremony, jazz trio during cocktails, and the Band (with DJ during their short and infrequent breaks), performing all types of music throughout the evening, rocked our venue. The singers' voices were fabulous, all band members looked great and professional, they were talented musicians and very friendly to all our guests. For an unforgettably wonderful, fun, and happy occasion for everyone, Fever Band would make your event!

    Norene F.
    Wedding Reception in Torrington, CT
    May 15, 2015

  • Wildly Talented, Diverse & Not Afraid of an Encore!

    We hired Fever band for a corporate convention at the Hartford, CT Convention center. The age span of the group went from 21 to 65+ - so diversity in music was critical. They felt the room out when they first arrived and started with soulful, chill music. In no time, the crowd was on their feet, dancing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The covers they did spanned from the 60s to music from today - all of which was done with their own flair and fun.

    The combination of vocals from both the leader female singers to the drummer and guitarists were amazing. It was wonderful to hear such a variety of music and styles. They did not disappoint! We will definitely be having play at whatever event we have next in the area. They were incredibly accommodating, easy to reach with any questions, and overall put out a fantastic performance. They did a great job with the 4.5 hour set we gave them and our crowd couldn't stop talking about how amazing they were.

    Don't miss out. Book them today. You won't be disappointed!

    Rachael B.
    Jared James Enterprises
    Convention/Trade Show in Hartford, CT
    Nov 19, 2014


    Fever performed at our wedding and they made it a night to remember. We had a blast and our guests couldn't stop talking about how much fun they were having on the dance floor. A direct quote from one guest was "I didn't take one picture because I never left the dance floor, the band was amazing". They also played the music during the cocktail hour and it was the perfect amount of background music for the setting. Rickie was the best to deal with and was very accommodating with all our requests. Friends have told me their wedding band took none of their input but Rickie worked with us and our requests. They read the room perfectly and played accordingly. Everything was fantastic, book this band and it will make your wedding/event perfect.

    Dan W.
    Wedding Reception in Newport, RI
    Jul 19, 2014


    We were very fortunate to have Fever play a relay for life party on June 20th. The music was incredible, we had a wide age range in attendance and they appealed to everyone. Very professional, they set up quickly and played for 4 hours, keeping people dancing the entire time. As cancer survivors were honored they played "Happy" and the crowd loved it, things got a little more emotional when we honored those we have lost and Fever played "In My Life" and "Hallelujah" both songs were perfect for the ceremony, and there was not a dry eye in the house. After we remembered, we went into fight back mode and the band got everyone pumped up again with a great set of upbeat party music. I cannot say enough about this group of musicians, they planned a perfect set list, interacted with the crowd, and everyone left there wanting more. Can't wait to see them again soon and hope they will play next years event. Ricki, and the rest of the band, thank you so much for an amazing night you will always have a special place in the hearts of the Hope Club members.

    Greg R.
    Fundraiser in Latham, NY
    Jun 20, 2014


    As a professional musician, it was important to me to have a great band at my wedding reception. My wife and I chose Fever because of the quality of their musicianship and their versatility. We, and our guests, were not disappointed. First of all, Rickie and the rest of the band were friendly, professional, and easy to work with. They made a point of introducing themselves to us and our families and connecting with the "vibe" of our reception, right down to matching our colors. They were thorough in doing a sound check and monitoring their sound throughout the reception (many bands don't, and this makes a huge difference). As I mentioned before, the band members are very versatile. Several of them sang and some played multiple instruments. This enabled them to cover a wide range of music extremely well, staying true to the original versions but still adding a personal touch. They did an incredible job getting our guests engaged and excited to dance. Everyone was on the dance floor having a good time, and this kept our guests until the very end. You could tell that the band was having a good time too, and this made the entire experience exceptional. Friends and family are still raving about how great Fever was and how much fun they had. We give Fever our highest recommendation.

    Jim D.
    Wedding Reception in Essex, MA
    Jun 14, 2014


    Rickie and the band played a special private party this past weekend for a group of 50 to 60 folks and did put on a fantastic performance. We had guests from all ages (teens to 80 years old), and everyone enjoyed the show. There were also professional musicians in attendance who were impressed as well. You cannot go wrong with this band!!
    —Bob Goldberg

    Bob G..
    House Party in West Springfield, MA
    Oct 12, 2013


    Hired Fever for our open house event (Finke Equipment) and when they arrived they hit the ground running. The band played all the top artist and more. The sound was amazing and the performance was amazing. They kept the crowd rocking and active all four hours, they were so good we booked them an additional hour. They rock!

    Steven M.
    Finke Equipment
    Corporate Event in Selkirk, NY
    May 31, 2014


    The band Fever did a fantastic job at our wedding. All of our guests still talk about the wonderful job that Rickie and the band did for us! The band had a given us a great selection of music and let us choose songs that were special to us. The lights that were used during the reception were an awesome touch to their performance. Hendrix did a really good job announcing us in to the ceremony and throughout the reception. Overall all a very good performance and highly recommended by us and our family and friends!
    —Ed and Jen

    Jen &. E. S.
    Wedding Reception in Norwich, CT
    Apr 6, 2013